Manav Consulting provides full spectrum Information Technology (IT) consulting services aimed at improving productivity and fueling business growth of our customers. We focus holistically on every client’s needs, and offer proven methodologies and experienced resources to help them achieve their goals. Refer consultants profile and case studies in the appendix section of this document.

The purpose of our engagements with each client is to achieve one or more of the following:

  • Understand the business strategy, the vision, mission, goals, drivers and differentiators of the Hospital
  • Assess the role of IT in each strategic driver, and articulate the IT implications of the business strategy
  • Assess the current state of business functions, key activities and processes, and map the adoption of IT in enabling them
  • Articulate the roadmap to achieve the digital and automation strategy while incorporating future IT applications, infrastructure, digital technologies, IT organization, and IT operations
  • Articulate the expectation from IT for strategic, functional, and technological imperative
  • Define the master implementation plan to achieve the digital strategy
  • Define and appoint the management team that will oversee the execution of the master implementation plan.

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