Devising the IT Strategy and Roadmap based on the organization vision and business direction and includes:

  • Understand the business strategy, the vision, mission, goals, drivers and differentiators
  • Assess the role of IT in each strategic driver/ business functions, and articulate the IT implications of the business strategy
  • Define the IT Vision and articulate the Roadmap and Methodologies to achieve the digital and automation strategy
  • Define a High Level Master implementation plan and Governance Structure to achieve the Defined Roadmap

The perceived benefits that an organization looks for with the IT strategy and roadmap are Improved Affordability, Availability and Accessibility, Improved Patient Interactions / Experience, Improved Outcomes based on Knowledge from Data, Integrated/ Collaborative Solutions, Best Practices Adoption and Standardization, High Availability and Performance of systems, Scalability - Ease in Scale Up/ Growth and R&D/ Innovation

The following are the deliverables for the engagement:

  • Findings of the Study
  • SWOT Analysis Report
  • IT Vision, Landscape and Roadmap
  • Project Implementation Strategy and Plan
  • Program/ Project Management